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5 Key Things to Know About the Switch Lite (Hands-on Preview)

switch lite, preview, features

5 Key Things to Know About the Switch Lite (Hands-on Preview)

The Colors Look Better Up Close, Even Grey

switch lite, preview, features

All three of the Switch Lite colors are very poppin’. The original Switch has lots of personality with its swappable color scheme options but the Switch Lite takes it up a notch by coloring the entire system.

As you would imagine, the yellow and turquoise blue colors are bold and beautiful. They are bursting with personality and are instantly among the most vibrant video game consoles ever made.

Not everyone has the confidence and personality though to rock a bright yellow or turquoise Switch Lite though.

Before the Switch Lite, you had to settle for the grey Joy-Con options if you disliked color which was very muted and traditional looking.

The grey option though for the Switch Lite is much prettier. It’s a much lighter grey and is combined with white buttons which contrast really nicely with the grey. My first thought was that it looks like a fresh new pair of sneakers. Very sleek!

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