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Dungeon Defenders 2: How to Get Defender Medals


Dungeon Defenders 2: How to Get Defender Medals

Dungeon Defenders 2 is a four player co-op online game that sees you and three other players work your way through a dungeon taking out every enemy minion and boss along the way. Naturally, as you make your way through the game, you’ll be able to purchase new gear, weapons and more. To afford those things, though, you’re going to need Defender Medals. Here’s how to get Defender Medals in Dungeon Defenders 2.

Here’s How to Get Defender Medals in Dungeon Defenders 2

Dungeon Defenders 2 will see you start as a small-time hero who eventually grows to become the best of the best. You can’t become the best of the best, though, without the best armor and weapons around. To acquire that, you’re going to need Defender Medals. Before jumping into how best to acquire these, let’s talk about what they are.

What Defender Medals Are

Defender Medals are a currency of the game parallel to gold and it is the currency that recently replaced what used to be known Wayvern Tokens. They can be used to upgrade gear and to purchase things from the Wayfarer and the Treasure Pirate.

More importantly, you can spend your medals on new hero cards and heroes.

Legendary weapons can be purchased from the Wayfarer for 500 Defender Medals. New heroes cost 10,000 Defender Medals. There are other things you can purchase too, such as new armor.

So, what’s the best way to get this currency?

How to Get Defender Medals

You earn Defender Medals by simply playing through the game. As you complete quests, daily quests, bonus quests and more, you’ll earn this currency. You can also earn it by completing maps.

If you’ve just started the game, the best thing you can do to acquire a lot of medals is play through the campaign. Because the campaign is filled with quests, side quests and more, you’ll almost continually be collecting medals.

Once you’re done with the campaign, the best way to earn medals is the daily missions. Daily missions are small quests that you can easily complete in a day and they reward you with a good portion of medals.

If you don’t mind repetition, reroll your daily mission each day to get the “Win 3x Maps” daily mission. Completing this one gives you 450 Defender Medals and there aren’t any other daily missions that reward you with more than that. Now, you only get one reroll per day so you’re taking a bit of a risk here.

On top of daily missions, do the weekly missions too which, on average, will net you 600 medals.

That’s it for our guide on how to get Defender Medals in Dungeon Defenders 2.

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