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Top 13 Funniest Video Game Glitches of All Time


Top 13 Funniest Video Game Glitches of All Time

“SHAAAAAAAUN” – Heavy Rain

Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain touches on a lot of truths about parenthood. It explores the relationship between father Ethan Mars and his son Shaun as they flee from a psychopathic serial killer. Unfortunately, one of the key plot-points can be ruined by a ridiculous glitch.

At one point, a prompt appears, telling the player to press ‘X’ to have Ethan call out to Shaun. Sometimes, this prompt never goes away, and Ethan can continue to yell loudly for Shaun for a good portion of the game.

Ethan saves Shaun from drowning and ironically shouts “Shaun!” as he comforts him. Then, Ethan’s ex-wife approaches him and tells him who the serial killer is, and Ethan screams back “Shaun!” As the serial killer shoots Ethan in the stomach, Ethan continues to shout “Shaaaaaaaaun!” while he’s lying on the ground. It’s unintentional comedy gold.

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