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If They’re Making Final Fantasy TV Shows, Here Are 5 Others We Want to See


If They’re Making Final Fantasy TV Shows, Here Are 5 Others We Want to See

Square Enix and Sony Pictures Television have announced that they’re working on a live-action TV series for Final Fantasy XIV, the epic MMO that’s getting its Shadowbringers expansion soon. This isn’t anything like Dad of Light, the drama series that simply used the Final Fantasy XIV game as a plot piece, but a full-blown fantasy adaption.

Obviously, this is a huge step for the Final Fantasy series, and could potentially open the door to much more. With Square Enix taking this next step, there are a few other Final Fantasy games we’d like to see turned into a television series, live-action or not.

Final Fantasy Tactics

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Final Fantasy Tactics is easily the best spinoff the franchise has ever seen, and its story is rife with political schemes, otherworldly threats, and fantastically diverse characters. All of these elements are what would make the Final Fantasy Tactics the perfect option for a dark, gritty TV show.

A Tactics show could focus on all aspects of the War of the Lions, retelling the story of Ramza in a more detailed manner. Of course, the show could also split off and have two main characters with Delita and Ramza, alternating between the two. Another option would be to tell an entirely original story set during the war.

The world of Ivalice in Tactics is wide and interesting, and the game already set a precedent for events happening outside of the main story. Maybe you follow a soldier in one of the Beoulve’s army, or put a side character at center stage.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are also the two Tactics Advance games, and a show could easily take place in that version of Ivalice, instead of the original.

The really important thing here is that it’s a real tragedy that Square Enix has ignored the Final Fantasy Tactics series for so long. Even if it’s a TV show, Square Enix seriously needs to return to this spinoff.

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