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Best Upcoming PS4 Games For July 2019


Best Upcoming PS4 Games For July 2019

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

If you haven’t tried out Final Fantasy XIV yet, you might want to reconsider that, as Shadowbringers looks like it will contain some of the very best content the MMORPG has received to date. Final Fantasy XIV’s already stellar story goes an interesting new route as the Warrior of Light embraces the darkness, and uses its power to travel between realms.

Outside of a brand new story and area to explore, Shadowbringers also provides a fresh batch of core content. You can choose from two new races for your characters, the Viera and Hrothgar, and the wildly different jobs of Gunblader and Dancer also get added into the mix.

On top of all that the level cap is increased to 80, a new feature lets you delve into dungeons with AI companions, and New Game + lets you replay past missions with all of your current progression and skills.

Final Fantasy XIV is already a massive MMO with a very active player base, and Shadowbringers only provides more quality content. Whether you’re a longtime player or a new one, now’s a great time to jump onboard.

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