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7 Returning Game Series That’d Make No Fable IV Bearable at E3 2019


7 Returning Game Series That’d Make No Fable IV Bearable at E3 2019



It’s been over six years since we last got a mainline entry in the BioShock series, and if you ask us, it’s about damn time that we got another steampunk adventure with plasmid superpowers and the like.

The BioShock series has something special beyond just excellent gunplay. Its worlds are rich with lore, atmosphere, and a constant feeling of dread that you have to prepare yourself before stepping through that doorway or walking around the next corner.

Not to mention the series’ plots are still some of the finest instances of storytelling in video games today. Fight me!

Though the wait for a new entry in the BioShock series hasn’t yet reached the nine-year wait we’re currently at since the release of Fable 3, we still think it’s about damn time the Big Daddy returns… or gets a new incarnation in the form of some other giant mechanic animal.

Though the hypothetical BioShock 4 — we’ll call it that for now — wouldn’t have the same creative mind of Ken Levine behind it as its predecessors, or the same team for that matter, I’m confident that 2K Games and TakeTwo for that matter wouldn’t let the BioShock franchise be sullied. At least I hope not. I’m a big BioShock fan in case it wasn’t abundantly clear by this point.

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