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4 Predictions for the Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct Happening Tomorrow


4 Predictions for the Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct Happening Tomorrow

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are giving fans a 15-minute or so deep dive into Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, the two newest mainline Pokemon games that are coming to the Switch later this year.

The Pokemon-focused Nintendo Direct will hopefully clear up some questions that we have about this pair of RPGs and give us some more much-wanted info.

Here are 5 things we hope to see in the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Direct.

Starter Evolutions

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The internet blew up once the new starter Pokemon for the Galar region were announced, with fans creating squads and groups on Twitter to cheer on their favorite one. You had Sobble Squad, Grookey Gang, Scorbunny Stans, and many, many more.

We loved seeing all of their personalities played out in their little introduction videos, but we never got to see their later evolutions, which will make all the difference when it comes to choosing who to spend our journey with.

I for one have trouble picking a starter from just the first looks –I need to know their final evolutions before making a choice.

Will Sobble still be cute once it gets past level 36 or whatever? Will Grookey turn into a huge, scary gorilla? These are questions that we hope get answered in the presentation tomorrow.

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