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Top 5 Best First-Person Shooters on Nintendo Switch


Top 5 Best First-Person Shooters on Nintendo Switch


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It was surprising to see Bethesda bring over the high-octane, blood pumping first-person shooter that is Doom over to the Nintendo Switch, but lo and behold, the shooter runs surprisingly well with a solid frame rate that leaves little room for error.

The Switch port takes a bit of the graphical hit, but killing demons on the go with your vast array of weaponry feels as good as ever. Doom’s fluid and fast-paced combat will have your blood pumping as you eliminate hundreds if not thousands of demons roaming the post-apocalyptic landscape.

You will be wondering how iD Software managed to get this game running on the Switch once you see all of the blood and action going on on the Switch all at once. If you’re looking for a tight and challenging first-person shooter on Nintendo’s hybrid console, then look no further.

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