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4 Games Like Rimworld If You’re Looking for Something Similar


4 Games Like Rimworld If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Are you looking for other management simulators that play a lot like Rimworld? Well, here’s our list of some other Steam titles that might just scratch that itch.

Oxygen Not Included

games like rimworld

Oxygen Not Included is a space management sim that has you protecting the citizens of your colony from threats that constantly attempt to destroy everything and everyone. If you’re looking for another sci-fi colony sim like Rimworld, then this is one to check out.

Your space crew will have to master science and use space tech to dive into the depths of the weird alien space rock that you’re all living in.

Finding materials and dealing with recycling, complex gas, and air simulations will be tough to figure out, but if you want to keep everyone alive and thriving, it’s gonna take a lot of work.

You can download Oxygen Not Included on Steam if you would like to check it out.

Prison Architect

games like rimworld

Prison Architect places you in control of your own maximum security prison. That’s right, you get to control how your jail is run and how you want the inmates spending their time.

As you prison becomes bigger and bigger, you have to keep up with the huge groups of prisoners getting sent to you via the inmate buses.

It’s up to you to make sure that everyone is living comfortably and to also make sure that there’s enough food, bathrooms, showers and recreational activities for all of the inmates in your prison.

There’s also an escape mode that lets you play as a prisoner who is attempting to escape from the prison that you created. See if you can outsmart the wardens and make it out alive.

You can pick this one up on Steam right here, if you’re looking for something to play after Rimworld


games like Rimworld

Embark is a colony management sim that may look similar to Minecraft or other builder games, but this one focuses more on complex simulation, like Rimworld

It’s all about managing the needs of all of your colonists that inhabit your 3D world. You can order your colonists to build structures for you, you can defend your home from enemies by using weapons and special skills, and you can hunt down animals in the massive open world.

Those activities only scratch the surface of what Embark has to offer potential players, therefore prepare to lose yourself if you plan on jumping into this management sim.

You can grab Embark on Steam right here.

Cities: Skylines

city management simulator

Cities: Skylines is a city builder that gives you the feeling of creating and controlling a huge, sprawling city.

This super-realistic simulation game throws a lot of things at you, and you have to decide how to go about implementing these elements into your city.

Are you going to equally balance education, healthcare, and the presence of police? Or will your city excel in just one or two things?

Cities: Skylines also boasts a day and night cycle, simulated traffic, and tons of mods for you to try out.

You can grab this game on Steam right here.

That’s all we have for games like Rimworld; if you have any additional games for us that you would want added to this list, leave a comment down below!

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