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June 2019 Xbox Games With Gold Predictions


June 2019 Xbox Games With Gold Predictions

The Bigger Game –Steep


Every month, those who subscribe to Microsoft’s online services for their Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles are gifted with a few free games through Games with Gold.

While the official list for the upcoming month of June 2019 has yet to be revealed, we have some predictions as to what free games might be included on that list. Usually one larger game headlines the service every month, and we suspect it might be winter sports title Steep’s turn to be on the service.

Microsoft is used to having Ubisoft games on Games with Gold, and it’s surprising Steep has yet to be one of those Ubisoft titles to make the cut.

There’s actually a way to get Steep for free on PC until May 21, and when a game is free on one platform it’s less of a risk for Microsoft to consider it free on its own consoles as well.

Steep is also on sale on the Microsoft Store at the time of writing at 67% off. Sale games are also much more likely to make it to Games with Gold compared to more recent, fully priced titles.

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