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8 Best Upcoming Switch Games for May 2019


8 Best Upcoming Switch Games for May 2019

The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse

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The Swords of Ditto is an adorable and compact action RPG that takes tons of influence from The Legend of Zelda series. The main goal is to defeat the evil witch Mormo by finding the strongest weapons and stickers to overcome her powerful grasp on the world.

In Swords of Ditto, every time you die, you get reincarnated as a new hero who loses all of the items that you managed to find. Each run is different from the next as the map is randomly generated as well as the dungeons that you encounter.

You can even explore this charming and vibrant world with a friend as Swords of Ditto allows for cooperative play, and thanks to the two Joy-Cons that come with the Switch, it’s the perfect game to play with friends on the go.

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