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5 Games That Should be Switch Online Exclusives Like Tetris 99


5 Games That Should be Switch Online Exclusives Like Tetris 99

I’m happy we live in a world where a Tetris battle royale game is the killer app for the Nintendo Switch Online service. It’s a surprisingly good time. The gameplay rarely gets old and the competition is always tough.

Nintendo President, Shuntaro Furukawa, announced in a recent investor meeting that they’re planning on bringing more elements like Tetris 99 to the online service. That left us wondering what could be coming down the pipeline next.

By no means do we have any kind of foresight, but it would be awesome to see these five franchises receive exclusive games for Switch Online.

Rhythm Heaven

Switch Online

The Rhythm Heaven series has a faithful fanbase, but it’s very much a niche title. The perfect way to get more eyes on the series is via Switch Online.

Fans of the series are hungry for a new addition to the franchise. It’s been nearly three years since Rhythm Heaven Megamix hit the 3DS eShop in North America.

The Switch doesn’t have anywhere near the same install base, but almost every game seems to do insane numbers on the console. Also, releasing it as a free title will likely be enough to convince many Switch owners to at least give it a shot.

The worst part of a Rhythm Heaven game is when it ends. Once you master every level and have them just about memorized there’s not much left to do. With Switch Online integration the number of levels you can get is possibly endless.

There could even be special events where players need to rack up enough points to unlock levels for all owners of the game. You could also have events like Splatfests where the players pick sides and contribute their points to a team total.

Rhythm Heaven is one of Nintendo’s best IPs and deserves the spotlight that is the Switch Online service.

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