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5 Game Styles That Would Make Super Mario Maker 2 Impossible to Put Down


5 Game Styles That Would Make Super Mario Maker 2 Impossible to Put Down

That Super Mario Maker 2 Direct was the perfect example of why Nintendo is still so big today. The Kyoto-based video game company just seems to be an endlessly deep well of innovation and new ideas.

Even though this new iteration in the Mario Maker series is already exceeding fan expectations, it would still be kind of nice to have more styles.

The Super Mario 3D World style is the only new one of the five included. That got us thinking, what other styles should come to this level builder? Here are the five styles we most want to see come to Super Mario Maker 2.

Super Mario 64

Super Mario Maker 2

This one would have seemed like a pipe dream until the reveal of the 3D World style. If one 3D Mario game can make it in, then why not others?

Super Mario 64 is a bona fide classic and getting to play around with the assets from that game would be a dream come true. You could fly through the clouds with the Wing Cap or trudge around the depths as Metal Mario.

The huge number of bosses you would have at your fingertips is almost overwhelming.

Sure, the models haven’t aged well, but it would be a glorious nostalgia trip. At the end that’s the true essence of Super Mario Maker. It’s not something to be ashamed of. It should be wholly embraced and celebrated. If Nintendo is going to include other 3D styles, then they might as well go all out.

Besides the charming blocky look of everything from 64, the music was phenomenal. Dire Dire Docks, Bob-Omb Battlefield, and the castle music are just as familiar to Mario fans as the Super Mario Bros overworld style.

It would be incredible to have the option to build the Cool, Cool Mountain slide with your own little twists and turns and the classic music playing in the background.

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