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3 Things that Days Gone Got Right


3 Things that Days Gone Got Right


days gone

Individually, the Freakers in Days Gone aren’t much of a threat. In fact, they’re actually pretty boring. But the single most impressive technical aspect of the game has to be the way the Hordes are handled.

As the name suggests, Hordes are large gatherings of Freakers. There are easily over 200 of them in a group, and they act as part of a hive mind, chasing you down wherever you go. Freakers aren’t so scary on their own, but in a group of over 200 with the sole intent of eating you alive, that’s pretty frightening.

In Days Gone, taking on a Horde is like solving a puzzle as you’re forced to study your environments and figure out the best locations to lay down traps, and use your surroundings to your advantage. Preparing for the fight is crucial as well, as you’ll likely die if you go in with nothing but guns.

There’s little else in the game as satisfying as looking at the aftermath of the slaughter after you’ve finally taken down a Horde. It’s exhilarating.

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