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Top 13 Best Avengers, Ranking the Strongest Superheroes


Top 13 Best Avengers, Ranking the Strongest Superheroes

As we draw inexorably closer to the release of Avengers: Endgame, what better time to rank the powers of the many Marvel superheroes who’ve made up the Avengers roster over the years?

We can’t make any guesses about Avenger-ness of some characters we know will be in the movie. Will Captain Marvel, Okoye, Rocket and Nebula end up as Avengers? Maybe, but we don’t know yet. So until the release of Endgame, let us take a look at the current Avengers, both alive and dusty, with the most interesting powers.

13. Hawkeye

Avengers Hawkeye

Many accuse Hawkeye of being the worst Avenger due to not having any powers and a weapon that’s basically obsolete in the bow and arrow. We think that might be a bit harsh; Clint Barton‘s sharp eyes and excellent marksmanship makes him lethal at high vantage points(although not quite as much as some of his colleagues who can fly).

But at the same time, he’s just a guy, and that ranks pretty low compared to some of the others on this list. The fact that he was so easily corrupted in the first Avengers and was absent for Infinity War shows he’s kind of dispensable.

Hopefully, Hawkeye will have his moment to shine in Endgame.

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