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These Games as a Service Titles Definitely Need More Support, Like ASAP


These Games as a Service Titles Definitely Need More Support, Like ASAP


anthem support

Stop me if you have heard this one before, but Anthem is kind of struggling.

Anthem needs some support, and ASAP. And by support, I don’t mean bug fixes and patches (although every game on this list could use more of those), I mean additional content to bulk out the game. Things to keep players engaged and logging in on a regular basis.

It’s been a pretty rough week for BioWare and Anthem in general, but now we know why the game was shipped in the state that it was.

But with that being said, Anthem is still a game that a lot of players are enjoying, and they are desperate for more endgame activities to really sink their teeth into.

Since launch, back on Feb. 22, there have been some desperately needed fixes and patches for stability. This is all par for the course, but disappointingly, there has only been one substantive update: Game Update 1.0.4.

Game Update 1.0.4 introduced Legendary Missions, which allowed players to replay story missions again on a higher difficulty. It also brought Elysian Caches, which reward players for completing Strongholds with unique vanity items, 67 all told.

Chances are, you have already played through the main campaign in Anthem, and Legendary Missions really just tune the damage in the A.I.’s favor. This might keep you busy for a while, but isn’t really pushing the needle in the way that adding some new content would.

The Elysian Caches are a great step forward… on paper. They are awarded for completing Stronghold Missions, and unique loot is always a plus.

Problem is, there are only three Strongholds in Anthem currently, and die-hard Anthem fans have probably run them all to death at this point. Doing so again and again in the name of some fancy loot is really only going to keep the die-hards satiated, and even then, for how long?

New Strongholds and story missions would alleviate some of this pain, and the sooner the better.

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