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Edge of Eternity: How Long It Is & How Many Chapters There Are


Edge of Eternity: How Long It Is & How Many Chapters There Are

Here’s How Long Edge of Eternity Is & How Many Chapters There Are

Edge of Eternity is a sprawling JRPG made by a small team using Kickstarter dollars. Despite the team’s size, it’s still a large game. Here’s how long Edge of Eternity is and how many chapters there are.

If you haven’t kept up with Edge of Eternity, it has quite an interesting story. It began as a Kickstarter project for a team of four people.

Once it surpassed its Kickstarter goal, the team of four grew to nine and the size of the game grew with it, although because it is a JRPG, fans likely always expected something somewhat large.

What Edge of Eternity Is

If you haven’t played Edge of Eternity, it’s a beautiful JRPG that features story elements akin to Mass Effect and Dragon Quest, a setting that mixes sci-fi with classic JRPG fantasy and combat reminiscent of Xenoblade Chronicles.

It has a main quest line and procedurally-generated side quests, which set it apart from most RPGs. It’s also moddable, so theoretically, the sky is the limit.

It features two main playable characters and is currently an Early Access title available only via Steam. The Kickstarter page indicates that the full release should be coming to PS4 and Xbox One as well though sometime in 2020, which is when the full title is set to launch.

How Long It Is

Because the game is in Early Access still, it’s not quite a complete package. According to the Kickstarter page, the main quests available as of right now will take players roughly eight to 12 hours to complete.

How Many Chapters There Are

As of right now, there are only two chapters available to play. The first chapter of the game was available when the game launched into Early Access late last year.

The second playable chapter recently launched in February and it’s called The Plains of Solna.

The third chapter is set to launch sometime soon (Spring 2019) and it will be called The Reunion. The next chapter after that, titled The Man Who Survived the Corrosion, is set to launch in a few months (Summer 2019).

That’s it for our Edge of Eternity guide, including what Edge of Eternity is, how long it is and how many chapters there are.

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