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Best Puzzle Games on Switch That You Can Play Right Now


Best Puzzle Games on Switch That You Can Play Right Now

The puzzle video game genre is something incredibly special. The problems they present make you think, open your mind to new experiences, and give you a massive sense of reward when finished.

The Switch, in similar ways, has expanded the possibilities of having puzzles on-the-go. You no longer need to be tied to your cell phone loaded with mediocre freemium puzzlers.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best puzzle games available on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Picross Series


This series is a classic. The nonogram puzzles the series is based on existed well before they were made into video games. These fantastic logic puzzles have been around in game form for over 20 years, but they never manage to get old.

Picross puzzles are most simply compared to Sudoku. The basic logic puzzle on a grid idea is there, but there’s a major aspect that separates Picross.

Instead of filling in the grid with digits, the numbers surround the grid. They correspond to how many squares in that column need to be filled in.

Picross is chock full with fun logic puzzles and best of all the squares end up forming a pixel art picture. The different pictures created are just as rewarding as solving the complex problems.

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