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7 Things to Know Before Jumping Into Days Gone


7 Things to Know Before Jumping Into Days Gone

There’s a Big Emphasis on Resources

Open world games often have you collecting various resources for crafting and the like, but Days Gone really puts a big emphasis on it. Part of this is because you can only carry limited amounts of items and ammo.

For example, you can only carry four Molotovs at once, but you can carry more of the resources needed to craft Molotovs, meaning once you use the ones you have you can craft more on the spot.

On top of this, you’ll need to scavenge materials for ammo, healing items, scrap to repair weapons and your bike, and more. This means you’ll want to scavenge each building you come across, pop open the trunks of cars to look for ammo or scrap, and loot the bodies of dead enemies.

It’s not a surprise that a post-apocalyptic game puts an emphasis on resources, but it’s important to know just how much scavenging you’re going to need to do. If you’re planning on fighting the hordes of Freakers, you’ll need to do even more.

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