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6 Final Fantasy Games Still Glaringly Missing on Nintendo Switch


6 Final Fantasy Games Still Glaringly Missing on Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII always seems to get the short end of the stick in the Final Fantasy family. It hasn’t received any kind of remastered version on any system, even on PS4, which has pretty much every other Final Fantasy game.

Square Enix has consistently ignored Final Fantasy VIII for years, even as they rereleased and celebrated VII, IX, X, and more. Now would be the perfect time to fix that, and Final Fantasy VIII would feel right at home on Switch, as many JRPGs do.

Squall Leonhart remains one of the most interesting and complex Final Fantasy protagonists, and the game’s mind-bending story is something that absolutely deserves to be experienced by more modern players.

On top of this, because Final Fantasy VIII tried to use more realistic character models, an HD upgrade could do a lot of good to clear up those muddy models. You can also keep the suite of helpful options added into the Steam version of the game, like high-speed mode.

Final Fantasy VIII is a hugely beloved entry in the franchise, even if it doesn’t get the same level of attention as Final Fantasy VII, IX, and X. It’s an absolute crime that we don’t have this game on modern consoles.

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