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5 Best Xbox One Multiplayer Games of 2019 So Far


5 Best Xbox One Multiplayer Games of 2019 So Far

2019 has slowed down a bit after a tremendously strong start for the Xbox One. Still, despite that, there’s been a strong helping of diverse titles, especially in the world of multiplayer. There’s really been a bit of something for everyone that owns an Xbox One, so here’s the best Xbox One multiplayer games of 2019 so far.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends released out of nowhere in February, and gained serious momentum, taking a sizeable chunk of the battle royale cake. Apex Legends takes the phenomenal shooting and movement of Titanfall 2, adds in a little hero shooter flavor, and blends that all together into a battle royale game. While that sounds like a lot, the final result is something stunning.

Each of the Legends you can play as work completely differently, but the game is balanced well enough that it doesn’t feel like you’re at a disadvantage by choosing the wrong character. Apex also features a revolutionary ping feature, that lets you quickly and efficiently communicate the location of enemies, weapons, rally points, and more with a single button press.

To top everything off, Apex Legends is entirely free-to-play, meaning anyone and everyone can jump in and join in on the fun. The game has already received a wealth of updates, fixes, and even a couple of brand new characters.

The impact Apex Legends has had is clear, and it had the best launch month of any free-to-play game ever. This is easily the best multiplayer experience of 2019.

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