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5 Avengers That Need the Spider-Man PS4 Treatment


5 Avengers That Need the Spider-Man PS4 Treatment

Spider-Man on PS4 set a phenomenal new precedent for Marvel video games, giving players an immersive open world to explore along with a gripping, emotional narrative. With Spider-Man now a thing of the past, and Avengers Endgame drawing near, we have a few other ideas for Avengers that should get their own original game.

Iron Man

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Yes, there’s been plenty of games featuring Iron Man in the past, but the problem is we’ve never really gotten an outstanding Iron Man game. Yet, out of all the Marvel heroes out there, Iron Man is probably most deserving of getting a fantastic Spider-Man-like experience.

Another recent AAA release showed us just how much fun flying around as Iron Man could be, and that game is Anthem. If an Iron Man game used the same kind of traversal system as Anthem it could be tremendous fun, letting you seamlessly transition from ground to air combat.

Iron Man’s various weapons systems would allow for a ton of variation and customization, just like Spider-Man’s different gadgets. Of course there’d probably be more of an emphasis on ranged combat, rather than hand-to-hand.

Tony Stark also makes for a perfect protagonist to tell a more personal, emotional story. Stark’s character arc is one of the most engaging in all of Marvel history, with his transition from cold businessman to stalwart hero. An Iron Man game in the vein of Spider-Man would be best telling a story for Tony near the end of his career, bringing a reckoning for the man who’s lived a double life.

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