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4 Games Like Days Gone If You’re Looking for Something Similar


4 Games Like Days Gone If You’re Looking for Something Similar

State of Decay

games like days gone

While a lot of folks talk about zombie fatigue, it’s not something I have ever really felt. As long as the game, movie or book does something interesting with everyone’s favorite shuffling undead beasty, then I say bring it on. If you’ve been playing the latest PS4 exclusive, here are a few games like Days Gone if you’re looking for something similar.

The State of Decay series is a great place to start. Sure, you spend a lot of your time hacking down hordes of nasty, biting, former-friends, but it really isn’t about that.

Rather, the hook with these games is community building, supply management, and long-term survivability. These may not sound like sexy concepts on their own, but it is incredibly appealing as a package deal.

Like Days Gone, you are going to spend a lot of time scrounging around in old containers to find odds and ends to help you survive. Similarly, dealing with infested zones is a focus of gameplay, and both games rely on a stamina system to stop you from just running rampant all the time.

Admittedly, both State of Decay games don’t really have much of a focus on narrative, which is fine, but something to consider if that kind of thing is important to you. They are very replayable, however, and the addition of hardcore survival modes increase that play time even further.

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