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10 Features That Would Make Super Mario Maker 2 Incredible


10 Features That Would Make Super Mario Maker 2 Incredible

This month, Nintendo of America confirmed via Twitter that Super Mario Maker 2 will be making its way to the Switch in June. With a release date confirmed and only a few months to wait, we’re taking a look at what features we’d like to see in the latest entry to the series in no particular order.

Online and Local Multiplayer

Super Mario Maker 2

Online and local multiplayer is by far the most requested feature for Super Mario Maker 2, which isn’t surprising, as many players want to explore creations with their friends as they would in the New Super Mario Bros series.

The addition of multiplayer is generally a welcome thing in Mario games and seems likely if we look Nintendo’s promotional art from the announcement trailer – which pictures Mario and Luigi building together, while Toad and friends navigate the world.

The Switch has become a somewhat unexpected home for local multiplayer games, and having a friend or family member (or three) join the game would make Mario Maker’s typically hilarious and difficult levels even more chaotic and fun.

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