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GameStop Is Making a Move Into the World of Esports


GameStop Is Making a Move Into the World of Esports

GameStop has just announced that esports will play a significant role in the company’s strategy going forward. They have even partnered with teams from Complexity Gaming, Infinite Esports, and Envy Gaming to assist with the move.

Chief Marketing Officer Frank Hamlin provided the following statement about the announcement:

“We are aiming to become the unofficial pop warner league of esports where GameStop provides fun and unique cultural experiences for player development while preparing the next generation of professional gamers – it doesn’t get any better for amateurs of all ages looking to learn and compete at the highest level.”

This push towards providing opportunities for player development will come in the form of gaming clinics and esports watch parties. Additionally, the company says its partnership with Complexity Gaming will involve opening the GameStop Performance Center this May.

Complexity will use this facility as their new headquarters and will share the location with the football team the Dallas Cowboys. The center will also have “a public gaming area for fans and sponsors.”

Lastly, the video game retailer says it is also partnering with the esports management platform Matcherino and the Collegiate Star League. They will begin working with these groups on tournaments and other events later this year.

GameStop’s push into esports seems like a smart investment into a growing video game market. The move feels similar to a shift many comic book stores have made towards providing a space for tabletop gaming in an attempt to combat digital comic sales.

You can read through the full news release here. For more on GameStop, you can read about the appointment of the company’s new CEO here. If you are looking for more professional gaming coverage, you should check out our lists of the biggest esports events in 2019 and the 5 games that deserve their own esports leagues.

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