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Battlefield V Firestorm Guide Wiki

battlefield v firestorm guide wiki
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Battlefield V Firestorm Guide Wiki

Battlefield V Firestorm Guides, Tips, Tricks & General Info

Battlefield V Firestorm is the latest addition to DICE and Criterion Games’ 2018 entry into its established Battlefield series. This new game mode brings battle royale to the series for the first time. That means you’ll be battling it out with 99 other players to be the last player or team standing, with all that usual Battlefield goodness blended in.

It makes for a compelling experience Battlefield and battle royale fans alike are sure to love, with tanks roaming the map of Halvoy, settlements to check out for supplies, and various gadgets to accompany your arsenal of weaponry.

Just like with any other battle royale game, though, Battlefield V Firestorm has a number of mechanics and differences you’ll definitely want to get to grips with quickly.

There’s also plenty of content coming further down the line following its launch that you’ll want to be clued-in on, so that’s why we’ve put together this Battlefield V Firestorm guide wiki.

Here, you’ll find everything from general information about the game, we’ll dabble in the basics like how to land faster, and then we’ll give you that good stuff, such as what the best weapons are, best landing spots, and even how to counter and destroy tanks. So, without further ado, let’s dive on in.

Firestorm Official Gameplay Trailer

Battlefield V Firestorm Important Info

  • Release Date: March 25, 2019
  • Developer: DICE & Criterion Games
  • Publisher: EA
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

General Information

If you just want to know what the map looks like or how big it is, this is the section of our wiki you want to check out.

The Basics – Battlefield V Firestorm Guide Wiki

For everything from how to land faster and how to play with friends through to how to ping locations and place markers, you’ll want to scroll through this section of the basics to Battlefield V Firestorm.


Wondering how to get a tank, refuel it, or even how to counter it. Or perhaps there’s some other question pertaining to vehicles on the tip of your tongue. Hopefully, this section of our Firestorm wiki will have the answers.

Weapons and Gear – Battlefield V Firestorm Guide Wiki

Finally, anything and everything to do with weapons and gear can be found here, so go nuts.

We’ll be updating our Battlefield V Firestorm guide wiki with more tips, tricks, information, and guides as more content is released and we dive deeper into the mechanics. Be sure to check back soon!

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