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April 2019 Xbox Games With Gold Predictions


April 2019 Xbox Games With Gold Predictions

The Bigger Game –Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Games with Gold Predictions For April 2019

kingdom come: deliverance

It’s almost time for Microsoft to announce what free games will be coming to subscribers to Games with Gold for this upcoming month of April 2019. Just enough time though to make a few predictions to what possible games might make it into the lineup.

Currently, there is a publisher sale on the Microsoft Store for games from Deep Silver. A few games on this sale list have already been included on Games with Gold, including Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light in August 2015, Dead Island in February 2014, and Deadlight in April 2014.

Of the few that have not been included on Games with Gold yet, we believe open-world RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance would be a likely contender. Microsoft has already shown it is comfortable with including Deep Silver games as free titles, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one of the publishers more recent 2018 releases that is not only on Xbox One but is Xbox One X enhanced as well.

Not to mention that through this sale, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is 50% off until March 18. Often when a game is offered for 50% off or more in a sale, it makes its way to Games with Gold quicker than titles still often offered at full price.

Compared to the other titles on sale from the publisher, Kingdom Come: Deliverance leans more towards AAA quality then compared to others like Might No. 9 or Illusion: A Tale of the Mind that also have yet to be on Games with Gold. Therefore, it might be more of a ‘juicy’ pick for Microsoft to choose to make subscribers happy.

Make sure to check page two, were we take a stab at guessing what smaller title might make it to Games with Gold next month as well.

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