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7 Trophies and Achievements That Reward You for Being an Asshole


7 Trophies and Achievements That Reward You for Being an Asshole

Coronation Chicken (Fable 3)

Fable 3, Trophies and Achievements

While the Fable series is known for its tongue in cheek approach to fantasy story telling, Fable 3 rewards players for disregarding the story’s gravitas on an entirely new level.

After obtaining their rightful throne, players are tasked with judging matters that will impact the kingdom at large.

This includes deciding whether prisoners live or die, how the kingdom will treat its citizens and whether you’ll pursue peace or conflict with your enemies.

As such, most would try to appear at the judgements in the proper attire, and yet the game readily rewards those who prefer to show their subjects they don’t give a damn by showing up in a full-body chicken suit.

Is it hilarious? undoubtedly. Is it also a dick move? Almost certainly.

Psychotic Prankster (Fallout 3)

Fallout 3, Psychotic Prankster, Trophies and Achievements

Fallout 3’s Capital Wasteland is inhospitable enough on its own, so it doesn’t help that the Psychotic Prankster achievement encourages players to make it even worse.

Unlocked for placing a live grenade or land mine in a person’s inventory without them noticing, this achievement makes a game out of ruining an NPCs life for little more than the shock value.

Their life, which they struggled to hold on to in the post-apocalyptic world, is taken from them without their even realizing it, brought to an end by an explosive blast from their trousers.

Honestly, you’d have to be psychotic to legitimately get a kick out of it, or else be extremely dedicated to completing the game as the biggest asshole the Fallout world has ever seen.

Antisocial (Alpha Protocol)

Considering how confrontational most every dialogue option was in Alpha Protocol, the Antisocial achievement required a true commitment to being as terrible as possible to everyone around you.

Tasking the player with causing three key characters to hate them simultaneously, the challenge is nearly insurmountable unless one chooses to be as terrible as possible to those around them.

This means killing every enemy instead of pacifying them, getting violent with captives and otherwise going out of one’s way to insult and belittle everyone around you.

It’s an arc de triumph of asinine play styles, but if players are dedicated to their dickery, they’ll walk away with a badge of dishonor for their troubles.

Walking Apocalypse (Overlord 2)

Overlord 2, Trophies and Achievements

To be fair, the name of the game in Overlord 2 is to be an evil tyrant taking over the land. However, the Walking Apocalypse achievement nudges players toward true, unwavering evil.

Granted to those who lay waste to the cities of Nordberg and Everlight, this achievement is reserved for those who only want to see the world burn.

No survivors can be spared, no structure left standing. By the end, all that can remain of the once thriving settlements is piles of ash and the fallen corpses of its people.

It’s by far the most violent action the player can take – and far from the most lucrative, given what they can gain by keeping the towns under their thumbs – but after the deed is done, they’ll be given a reward for their malevolent efforts.

Most All of the Bad Karma Trophies (Infamous: Second Son)

ps4, Infamous: Second Son, Trophies and Achievements

It may seem like we’re cheating by saying all of Infamous: Second Son’s bad karma trophies warrant an entry on this list, but they all encourage asinine behavior on a regular basis.

From the Spin-off trophy that requires players to attack 10 sign twirlers to the Kicking and Screaming trophy that asks them to kill 10 wounded citizens, the game doesn’t waste time being subtle about how far you need to go to become a true villain.

As such, trophy hunters will have to embark on a playthrough wrought with foul deeds, random acts of violence and generally malicious activity in order to nab all of the game’s digital accolades.

Sure, they might get a higher trophy count by the end of it all, but they’ll have dirtied their hands with a fair bit of digital blood to do it.

Dastardly (Red Dead Redemption)

Red Dead Redemption, Achievements and Trophies

While the main story may steer Red Dead Redemption players toward playing as an honorable cowboy, the game’s achievements have more than a few rewards for those who aim to be a despicable outlaw.

Case in point: The Dastardly trophy and achievement, which rewards players for hogtying a woman and placing her on the railway of an approaching train, watching all the while as her doom approaches.

It can’t be obtained with a half-assed attempt either. Players need to stay and watch the fruits of their labor play out, staring dead-on as their captive is torn to bloody shreds by the train colliding with them.

It’s evil, it’s deranged and it’s the furthest thing from “redemption” as you can get, but the game rewards you for it none the less.

I swear! I did it by mistake! (Lollipop Chainsaw)

So yeah, this achievement exists in Lollipop Chainsaw.

Earned by trying to peep up protagonist Juliet’s skirt, this trophy and achievement rewards players for being that perverted asshole who can’t control themselves while in control of a female character.

Granted it does poke fun at them for being that kind of player with Juliet getting visibly mad at them for it, but that doesn’t change the fact that players’ gamerscores and trophy counts benefit from the dick move.

Know of any other trophies and achievements that reward players for being an asshole? Mention them in the comments below. While you’re at it, check out our list of games with trophies and achievements players aren’t likely to get in one lifetime.

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