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5 Times Video Game Marketing Definitely Went Too Far


5 Times Video Game Marketing Definitely Went Too Far

Five Times Video Game Marketing Went Overboard

Bethesda – Name Your Child Dovahkiin

Skyrim Dovahkiin kid

Image via GamesRadar

Approximately nine months before Skyrim’s release on 11/11/11, Bethesda promised an “unknown reward” for any super-fan who could complete the life-changing challenge of naming their baby “Dovahkiin.”

The baby had to “release” on the same day as the game, and be given the moniker of the legendary Dragonborn as their official first name– birth certificate proof required!

Megan and Eric Kellermeyer stepped up to the challenge, and delivered a healthy baby Dragonborn on 11/11/11 while everyone else was busy designing their character. The Skyrim publisher delivered too, with a lifetime supply of free Bethesda releases for the household.

GamesRadar caught up with the family in 2018, and reported that aside from internet trolling and occasional mispronunciation, Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer is doing well.

The young Dragonborn was in kindergarten when the article was published, and his mother reports that “everyone” likes the name. She goes on to add: “I admit I was struggling to find the perfect name for our son until I tried on Dovahkiin. I have never looked back.”

Well as long as everyone is happy I guess we should all be too!

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