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5 Other Anime That Need the One Piece World Seeker Treatment


5 Other Anime That Need the One Piece World Seeker Treatment

One Piece World Seeker is one of the most ambitious anime games we’ve ever seen, letting players run around a massive open-world environment as Luffy.

On top of this, the game sports a brand new original story and characters created by Eichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece. It’s a refreshing thing to see, considering so many anime games prefer to play things safe with genres and experiences we’ve seen time and again.

One Piece World Seeker may not set the world on fire, but it’s a step in the right direction for anime games, and there’s a few other series we’d like to see get a huge ambitious game next.

Anime That Need the One Piece World Seeker Treatment


There are few anime series more prolific than Gundam; one of the franchises that helped define the entire mecha genre and is still running strong today. Of course, Gundam has received a boatload of video games over the past decades, even some that tell original stories.

However, it’s been a long while since we’ve seen something really ambitious from Gundam, let alone gotten many games over in the west.

Lately, all we seem to get from Gundam games are smaller-scale titles that don’t do anything ambitious, like the arena-brawler Gundam Versus, Dynasty Warriors Gundam, or the disappointing New Gundam Breaker.

It’s long past time for a full-blown AAA Gundam title, especially considering a Hollywood film adaption is on the way. Imagine being able to fly around an entire galaxy in a mobile suite, explore different space colonies, or build your crew and amenities inside your very own White Base, Mass Effect-style.

While there are plenty of Gundam games that let you fight in mobile suits, a true AAA Gundam game would get what makes the series so enduring and take you out of the mobile suit as well, making time for some serious character building.

Out of any legacy anime out there, Gundam would be the best fit you could find for an ambitious AAA game. Considering 2019 is the franchise’s 40th anniversary, it’s high time we get just that.

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