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5 Dragon Ball GT Characters That Need to Be in Dragon Ball FighterZ


5 Dragon Ball GT Characters That Need to Be in Dragon Ball FighterZ

5 GT Characters That Need to Join Dragon Ball FighterZ


Dragon Ball GT, Baby Vegeta, Dragon Ball FighterZ

The first legitimate threat Goku and his friends faced in the GT series, Baby has plenty of elements that could be translated into a fun FighterZ character.

A machine mutant created by the Tuffle race to exact revenge on the Saiyans, Baby is able to infect and control living beings by entering their bloodstream. This is how he came to control Vegeta, altering his appearance the longer he held control.

It’s through this that he’s able to utilize Vegeta’s ki and melee techniques while also utilizing his own moves like the Revenge Death Ball. Plus, thanks to the Saiyan DNA of his host body, he can become a Golden Great Ape via Blutz Wave exposure.

While the latter set of skills would be perfect for his standard move-set and supers, Baby’s infection ability could translate into a super move similar to Ginyu’s body possession technique.

A sure victory by one’s opponent could be overturned by a successful infection, stealing their body to give the player another shot at victory.

It would need some balancing and would probably be difficult to pull off, but it would no doubt make Baby a formidable and worthy opponent as well as a fun character to figure out how to use properly.

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