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Top 3 Best Games of January 2019, According to Metacritic


Top 3 Best Games of January 2019, According to Metacritic

Best Metacritic Games of January 2019

3) Sunless Skies (87)

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Sunless Skies is an adventure focused, space travel RPG that sees you head out on terrifying missions in the depths of the universe.

Exploring the beautiful skies and engaging in combat is a lot of fun, but it is Sunless Skies’ narrative focus that sets it apart from the RPG crowd. Through long sections of prose, the stories of the world and the missions you’re on are told down to the last detail.

It’s extremely well written and some of the tales are fascinating, building a world that you only want to explore more and learn more about.

Some of them are weird and confusing, of course, but anyone with a love of strange otherworldly tales will have a blast.

All of that narrative depth, on top of the wonderfully designed world and enjoyable combat, make Sunless Skies an excellent adventure. Is it any surprise that it’s among the highest-rated Metacritic games for January, then?

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