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Metro Exodus: Where to Find the Map (The Caspian Level)

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Metro Exodus: Where to Find the Map (The Caspian Level)

Where to Find the Map (The Caspian Level) in Metro Exodus

For the first time in the series, Metro Exodus tells an entirely original story that has Artyom traveling across the surface of Russia, instead of stuck in the dark tunnels of the metro. There are a few diverse locales you’ll visit, and specific objectives you’ll need to complete in each one. Here’s where to find the map (The Caspian Level) in Metro Exodus. 

The Caspian Level is one of the biggest environments you’ll travel through in Metro Exodus, and it’s an arid desert-like area that can quickly break down your weapons. You’ll definitely need to know how to clean your weapons, as the sand can break them down even faster than usual.

One of your objectives in this level will have you head into the Communications Center in order to find a map.

Keep following the corridors until you get to the big control room. At the far end of the room, you’ll see a door that leads to a bathroom so head through there. Be warned there are spiders in the area, so either avoid them or take out your lighter from the Metro Exodus equipment menu by pressing L1 (LB), and burn them away.

Keep following the path and eventually you’ll reach a map room with a ton of shelves with dates on them. Head to the very end of the room and look for the shelf that goes up to 2019, then press square (X) to interact with it. Artyom will search the shelf and find the map, meaning you can carry on with your adventure.

Hopefully, that clears up where to find the map (The Caspian Level) in Metro Exodus. For even more tips and guides, make sure to search Twinfinite, or you can take a look at our extensive Metro Exodus wiki.

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