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9 Ongoing Anime Series That Are Worth the Time Sink


9 Ongoing Anime Series That Are Worth the Time Sink

Keeping up with an ongoing anime series can be a costly endeavor, not least of which being the amount of time you spend it. As such, we’re here to provide you with nine ongoing anime series that are worth the time sink.

Ongoing Anime Series That Are Worth Keeping Up With

My Hero Academia

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A rising star in and out of the anime community, My Hero Academia is well worth the time investment for what it offers.

Telling the tale of Izuku Midoriya and his rise from a powerless zero to the world’s greatest hero, the series blends elements of anime and western comics wonderfully.

Izuku’s moral struggles, and the small victories he makes in his drive to contribute to the greater good, would feel right at home on the pages of Spider-Man, Superman or any other classic comic.

At the same time though, its fluid animation and thrilling fight scenes are vintage anime, as are the quirky cast of characters that surround Izuku and work toward their own goals and ambitions.

It’s little surprise then that the series is still ongoing, and given the anticipation among fans for its next season, there’s little doubt the series will continue to be one that repays people’s continued viewership with quality content.

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