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8 Wii Motion Control Games that Deserve Another Shot on Switch


8 Wii Motion Control Games that Deserve Another Shot on Switch

It’s time to address some of the negative Nancys out there. It seems as though detractors of the Nintendo Switch have been quick to point out that it has become something of a dumping ground for Wii U ports.

Though the argument could be made that this is, in fact, a good thing, allowing people who missed out on last gen’s best titles to finally have a whirl, there is at least a bit of validity to the statement.

How best to combat this stigma, while still squeezing as much sweet nectar out from Nintendo’s backlog as possible? I hear you muttering to yourself, ‘virtual console,’ or some other silly nonsense, do I?

(Cue violent slamming of fists upon the desk)

Wii ports, dammit! That’s what the public demands!! And if they haven’t demanded it yet, that just means that we can preemptively implant the idea into their heads. We’ll call it the ‘Motion Classics’ collection, splash a coat of HD graphics on it and charge full retail price. Great meeting, everyone. Off to the ostrich races and other such eccentric billionaire activities!

In all seriousness, the versatile functionality of the Joy-Cons makes them the perfect successor to the iconic Wii remote. The substantial library of the mid-2000s sensation is worth reconsideration, particularly now that the Switch has made motion controls hot, trendy and sweaty all over again.

But where to begin? Perhaps some of these hits could whet the Wii whistle…

Wii Motion Control Games for the Switch

Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort

The Wii series of games is synonymous with the success of its home console for reasons beyond just naming conventions. Each entry added a new quirk or gimmick to take full advantage of this wonderful new controller, from Wii Play’s gyroscopic dynamics to Wii Music’s capability to show you that there is no god.

Wii Sports Resort sits atop the empire, however, for taking the best of Wii Sports, and adding much, much more. Taking place on sunny Wuhu Island, it really did have the feel of a luxurious vacation.

Did you want to take in all the sights on a breathtaking tour overhead? Or maybe try your hand at some thrilling water sports? Perhaps you just want to beat the everloving crap out of assailants with a plastic sword?

You do you, man. You do you.

The series took a backseat in the days of the Wii U, only cropping up in often unwelcome ways like the ‘buy to try’ model of Wii Sports Club, and it’s long overdue to resurface. Never forget where you were when you finally beat that smug prick Tommy in a game of pickup to become the new champion of the basketball court.

Even if that was just in your parents’ living room, wearing your Garfield ‘I hate Mondays’ pyjamas.

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