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Top 10 Most Memorable Gaming Villains of This Generation, Ranked


Top 10 Most Memorable Gaming Villains of This Generation, Ranked

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Best Villains of This Console Generation

9. Ardyn Izunia, Final Fantasy XV

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The Final Fantasy series has always been known for their memorable villains. In the company of some of gaming’s best like the psychotic Kefka or the terrifying and mysterious Sephiroth, standing out is hard to do. However, that is exactly what Final Fantasy XV’s Ardyn does.

Ardyn has a swagger and eccentric personality and sense of humor that makes him an instantly intriguing character. Going through Final Fantasy XV’s story, finding out who exactly Ardyn is and what he wants is one of the central driving forces.

Seeing Ardyn’s personality twist and turn, along with his theme song, is one of the most fascinating aspects of Final Fantasy XV. By the end he becomes a truly malicious force, and one that feels like a real danger to Noctis and company.

Having a fun, devious and masterful manipulator like Ardyn as an adversary is one of the best parts of Final Fantasy XV. While the competition is strong, we believe Ardyn has a place among the best villains in the series.

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