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Kingdom Hearts 3: Tips & Tricks For Beginners


Kingdom Hearts 3: Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tips & Tricks

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Kingdom Hearts 3 has a lot of important little items you’ll get along the way, like synthesis materials and cooking ingredients. The best way to get a lot of these is to interact with literally anything and everything you can. Each world has a ton of different items you can interact with.

These are things like scream canisters in Monsters Inc. or ice flowers in the Frozen world. There’s any number of things to discover.

Break boxes, pots, icicles, anything you can. These more often than not yield synthesis materials or ingredients. They’ll also give you HP, MP, and drive orbs to restore your gauges.

You can also find cooking ingredients just lying on the ground, or in Chinese food boxes. You can interact with ingredients with triangle (Y). Just search high and low, and find everything you can.

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