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Top 3 Best PS4 Co-Op Games of Q4 2018


Top 3 Best PS4 Co-Op Games of Q4 2018

Q4 2018: Best PS4 Co-op Games

Earth Defense Force 5

best PS4 co-op games, q4 2018

Let’s kick off this list with arguably one of the OGs of B-, silly, but fun co-op games, Earth Defense Force 5. As the title would suggest, you are an esteemed member of the force tasked with defending Earth. Perhaps a look into the future of the USA’s Space Force?

Anyway, Space Force, erm I mean the Earth Defense Force series, is all about fending off attacks from evil alien species whose only desire is to kill and enslave us, primarily in the form of giant bugs.

They attack in massive waves like the Zerg from StarCraft, and will not stop until you’ve put them all down.

You can play the game with a friend, and despite its silly premise and extremely loose story elements, it’s quite a fun shooter. You can customize your character’s loadouts with a lot of weapons, and choose a class that fits your particular play style.

If the series has evaded your grasp until now, and you and a friend just want to have stupid fun blowing the crap out of alien bugs and robots in the most varying ways possible, exit your comfort zone a bit, and give Earth Defense Force 5 a try.

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