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5 Similarities That Prove Kingdom Hearts Is Just Star Wars


5 Similarities That Prove Kingdom Hearts Is Just Star Wars

It’s been said before, and it’ll be said again; Kingdom Hearts shares some striking similarities to Star Wars. The two franchises have numerous plot lines, story devices, and characters that can draw parallels. It’s almost uncanny at times.

Now, there is a caveat to all this. Both Kingdom Hearts and Star Wars are based off of very archetypal storytelling, and both share similar inspirations that include Arthurian Legend.

Because of this, you could draw this comparison to numerous stories. However, Kingdom Hearts and Star Wars share enough similarities that it’s fun to think about, and draw the comparisons. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Kingdom Hearts and Star Wars Similarities

Kingdom Hearts Is the Force

The lore of both of these franchises are based on very similar ideas, with both universes based around an all-powerful, nearly sentient, force.

In Star Wars this is, of course, The Force, the very foundation of all things and a metaphysical power that runs through all of existence.

Kingdom Hearts on the other hand, is essentially the aggregate of all hearts in the universe, so the power behind all things, and the source of ultimate power.

Just like in Star Wars, in ancient times warriors started forging weapons known as Keyblades (lightsabers) that would help them harness and control the power of Kingdom Hearts.

Some wanted to abuse the power of Kingdom Hearts and use its darkness, while others rose up to defend the light of Kingdom Hearts and keep it safe.

Although it may not technically be canon anymore, the Keyblade War is very similar to that of the Ancient Sith Wars, although the former ended in complete destruction of the world, with it having to be rebuilt.

Either way, both fictional universes have foundations that are based on ancient, mystical powers that aren’t able to be properly comprehended by mortal beings.

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