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10 Lamest Video Game Collectibles of All-Time


10 Lamest Video Game Collectibles of All-Time

Video games are cathartic in many ways, creating many different gameplay elements that satisfy specific interests for everyone. While a lot of gamers relieve stress by taking out their anger on A.I, or even competitors, just as many enjoy gathering collectibles in-game to relax.

Alongside the satisfaction of finding an item, collectibles can be rewarding. That reward could be anything from an aesthetic bonus to content that genuinely adds to a game and its overall appeal.

Let’s face it though, collectibles are usually tacked on as a way to make an empty world feel larger or simply lengthen a game’s runtime. As such, a lot of these extra additives end up being pretty lame.

From pigeons to model ships, here is a list of the ten lamest video game collectibles of all-time.

Lamest Video Game Collectibles of All Time

Stones of Barenziah in Skyrim


Diamonds are a Dragonborn’s best friend, as these stones sell for a pretty penny throughout the lands of Skyrim. Even the greediest of adventurers would admit that the cost of finding the twenty-four stones that were stolen from the crown of Queen Barenziah was not worth the price.

This collectible exists in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as part of a side quest known as No Stone Unturned. The Stones of Barenziah are hidden all throughout the game’s world, featuring no hints or quest guideline in order to find them.

As a result, finding all 24 stones is a chore, one that features no fun story along the journey. And what’s extra annoying is that they sit in your inventory forever until you turn them in.

That is all well and good if there is an actual interesting end to the quest. Unfortunately, the mission’s resolution simply sees the crown restored for the Thieves Guild, meaning all of your hard work just gathers dust in the Guild.

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