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Top 10 Best Boss Fights of 2018, Ranked


Top 10 Best Boss Fights of 2018, Ranked

2018 was full of games we won’t soon forget, and with them boss encounters that will stay with us well into the future. Of them, these were the 10 most memorable boss fights of 2018, ranked from memorable to unforgettable.

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead* Due to the nature of discussing said boss fights there are major spoilers we’ll be covering for some of 2018’s biggest games. You’ve been warned.

Best Boss Fights of 2018

10. The Scorchbeast Queen (Fallout 76)

Fallout 76, Memorable Boss Fights, 2018

Ongoing drama around its quality aside, Fallout 76 wasn’t lacking in memorable creatures for players to take on together. Case in point: The Scorch Beast Queen, a massive winged terror brought about by the game’s first successful nuclear launch.

Boasting the game’s highest enemy level and stats, the Queen is formidable enough all on its own. Players will need to come together with the best equipment they have and let loose on the beast, and keep up the pressure for a good long while at that.

All the while, they’ll have to hold off a slew of other monstrosities of the scorch variety, from level 50+ Scorchbeasts to Deathclaws and Mega Sloths.

It all culminates in a stew of chaos and carnage, all against a backdrop of a nuclear hellscape of the player’s own making. Whatever may come of the game in the future, there’s little doubt players will forget this moment from their playthroughs.

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