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5 Most Beautiful Games of November 2018


5 Most Beautiful Games of November 2018

Most Beautiful Games of November 2018

Hitman 2

hitman 2

After IO Interactive’s success with their episodic Hitman release, the developers decided to go big with Hitman 2. The game is still presented in an episodic format, but it’s been bundled into one package this time around. In addition to that, the levels are bigger and better than before.

While the graphics of Hitman 2 aren’t exactly on the same level as the likes of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Battlefield V (more on that later), it’s wonderfully vibrant and detailed.

The Miami level is a real standout here, with a bright color palette assaulting your senses everywhere you turn, and in a good way, too. If it weren’t for the fact that you were there to assassinate someone, Agent 47 could very well spend a few hours there taking in the sights, and that’d make for a pretty enjoyable experience as well.

The environments in Hitman 2 are varied enough to keep players engaged, and the level of detail present in this game is astonishing.

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