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6 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait to Dive Into World of Warcraft: Classic


6 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait to Dive Into World of Warcraft: Classic

People get really worked up about World of Warcraft: Classic. From an outsider’s perspective, the zealotry and passion of the fan base may seem silly, but for those who enjoyed vanilla World of Warcraft, these fan sentiments make sense. For many, the game is imbued with some of their best experiences in the medium, and for good reason. Below, Twinfinite lists six reasons why we can’t wait to dive into World of Warcraft: Classic.

6 Reasons We Can’t Wait to Dive Into World of Warcraft: Classic

Organic Communities

world of warcraft: classic

For all of retail World of Warcraft’s quality of life successes (or failures, depending on your viewpoint), they are stifled by a major issue: an artificial sense of community. A combination of sharding, dungeon finder, raid finder, and repetition of end game content has left the community aspect lacking. In modern World of Warcraft, you no longer feel like you’re part of a wider community, with realm identity, outside of a few RP niches, left dead and buried.

World of Warcraft: Classic is the opposite. Segregated realms, battlegrounds, world PvP, and a lack of sharding leads to an accumulation of community; in Classic World of Warcraft, your reputation on a server is central to your experience. Players who are generally toxic, grief, or ninja loot can get away with it in modern World of Warcraft, but in Classic, they quickly find they’ll be ostracized from the community for their behavior.

Conversely, players who are especially good at the game or a nice to be around will gain a good reputation. Again, none of this comes through contrived systems, instead being solely player-driven. In a way, Classic perfected an organic community driven by player action alone, and we cannot wait to experience that again. It’s easy to find friends in Classic, as the game lends itself to group play, while ensuring behavior is rewarded or punished through the players.

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