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5 Ways Microsoft Can Dominate a Sony-Free E3 2019


5 Ways Microsoft Can Dominate a Sony-Free E3 2019

5 Ways Microsoft Can Dominate a Sony-Free E3 2019

Capitalizing on New Studio Acquisitions

Rather surprisingly, Sony announced that it would be absent from E3 2019. Reasons as to why the company would be sitting out E3 have been numerous, with the most plausible of which being that the company is gearing up for the PlayStation 5.

One thing is certain, though: Sony has presented Microsoft with an open-goal for 2019’s E3.

Microsoft’s recent studio acquisitions have set the company up for long-term returns. While Microsoft has had a hot and cold history in studio partnerships in the past, their recent moves have massive potential.

At E3, Microsoft needs to tee-up its presentation with announcements and footage from most, if not all, of these studios to prove it is serious about publishing games from them.

The Xbox One’s Achilles heel was its lack of first-party software, so by focusing on new acquisitions, the company will be able to prove that it has mended its downfalls.

By doing so, it scores a major point against Sony, who has no stage (that we know of so far) in which to reply. Obsidian, in particular, has shown it can handle itself on the big stage with a AAA budget.

Microsoft’s E3 victories, in recent years, have been small, but by focusing on how it’s improving on its flaws, they could enter the next generation rejuvenated.

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