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Top 10 Hardest Boss Battles of All Time


Top 10 Hardest Boss Battles of All Time

There are a plethora of difficult boss fights scattered throughout gaming’s history, but these are the hardest boss battles of all time.

Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts)

Hardest Boss Battles of All Time

Near the end of the game, the Colosseum in Hercules’ world offers players of Kingdom Hearts the option to take on the Platinum Match challenge, a special boss fight reserved for the best of the best.

When they enter the arena, they’re greeted by a sigil forming in the sky from which a familiar a one-winged angel drops down. He stares silently at the player before unsheathing a massive katana, and then all hell breaks loose.

Easily one of the hardest boss fights in the series, the Sephiroth cameo fight acts as the ultimate test of the player’s skill and knowledge of the game.

Almost every attack Sephiroth sends out can decimate your life bar in seconds, and trying to use certain spells against him will have no effect at all or make him even more difficult to fight.

No one will judge you if you ended up passing on this fight and its admittedly minor reward, and for those who managed to overcome it, there’s little doubt they are decidedly skilled at the game.

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