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Someone Made a Life-Size Zelda Motorcycle with Nintendo Labo


Someone Made a Life-Size Zelda Motorcycle with Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo fans have made some incredible creations but this operational replica of the Master Cycle Zero from Breath of the Wild is one of the best.

The internet never ceases to amaze.

Nintendo’s cardboard construction kit, Labo, allows you to to build your own creations. So, Jordan Booth from Australia took this to its natural conclusion, and created an operational replica of the Master Cycle Zero from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Booth made the Master Cycle Zero for an Australian Nintendo Labo contest, a contest that he tied for first in. The bike has working handlebars, headlights and can can even be used to play Mario Kart 8.

In response to Booth’s creation, the Nintendo Labo development team said, “We were completely blown away by the sheer scale, complexity, and faithfulness of this life-size reproduction of the Master Cycle Zero. If that wasn’t enough, it has a headlight, and even includes a customised Toy-Con Motorbike, so you can ride exactly the same motorbike in-game too! We’d love to take it for a spin!”

The other first-place winner is the Marionette from Nathan in Australia. This is a Mario puppet made from Labo that can used for dancing and singing games by moving his arms.

We are blown away by these incredible creations. If you want to see some of the other entries, visit the contest page here. For more on Labo, check out why we think it’s perfect for kids and a collection of song covers using Labo.

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