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Here Are 5 Free DLC Ideas For Your “Big Titles” Nintendo, You’re Welcome


Here Are 5 Free DLC Ideas For Your “Big Titles” Nintendo, You’re Welcome

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

DLC We Want For Your Existing “Big” Games
breath of the wild

Is it selfish for me to want even more Breath of the Wild content after being out for almost two years and Nintendo already gracing us with two packs of downloadable content? Maybe so. But, while the master trials challenged me and the Heroes Ballad was a nice addition, I still feel like the game hasn’t gotten that substantial story pack that is a must-play for fans of the game.

More shrines and scavenger quests are cool and all, especially that sweet motorbike that Link can ride around in, but I want actual new story content, something that happens after the destruction of the dark lord Ganon.

The end of the game leaves Link, Zelda, and the people of Hyrule in a state of happiness and tranquility. Bump that. We want Hyrule to be under attack once again. We want to fight yet another big evil bad guy, a new villain that’s never been seen in the Zelda universe before.

This story content could just be a few short hours long, but as long as it’s new and happening right now in the actual world, I will be content. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one constantly looking for a reason to jump back into that gorgeous sprawling open world.


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