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Destiny 2 Xur: Where is Xur’s Location This Weekend (October 12-14)


Destiny 2 Xur: Where is Xur’s Location This Weekend (October 12-14)

Where Xur’s Location Is in Destiny 2 for October 12-14

Every week Guardians ask themselves the same question: Where is Xur? Xur’s location in Destiny 2 is short lived mystery that is destined to be solved.

Destiny 2 sees the return of Xur, the traveling merchant/servant of the Nine. Each week he brings exotic weapons and armor to the denizens of Destiny 2. You’ll always get a choice of an exotic weapon, and then one piece of exotic armor for each of the three in-game classes, Titan, Warlock and Hunter.

Xur can appear in variety of different locations each week. He can either appear conveniently, safely, and sensibly in the Tower in the Hangar.

Or sometimes, for reasons as unknown as his true purpose, he can visit some of the other far more dangerous locales in Destiny 2 such as Io, the EDZ, Nessus, and Titan.

Xur accepts currency in the form of Legendary Shards. Legendary Shards can be obtained by dismantling legendary gear by examining your equipment and then pressing X/Square to break it down into shards.

The best way to get Legendary Shards in case you need them this week for Xur, is to grind out tokens that you exchange for gear that can be then broken down into shards. Crucible or Vanguard Strikes work well for this. Alternatively you can complete bounties for Spider which rewards some easy legendary gear if you have the Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion.

This weekend (Oct. 12-14) Xur can be located on Titan at The Rig.

xur location

What is Xur Selling (Oct 12-14)

Xur is selling the Tractor Cannon exotic shotgun. This shotgun is known for its ability to blast enemies away from you, and as of the exotic weapons update a few months back, also adds a defense down effect. Handy if you don’t have a Nightstalker or a Sunbreaker around for whatever reason.

Although known more for its defense down effect in PvE, it can be hysterical in PvP if you can blast people off the map just like Lucio in Overwatch.

For Titans, Xur is selling Synthocepts exotic gauntlets. These gauntlets greatly increase the range of the Titan’s melee. This is especially effective in PvP where intense melee battles can be determined by who gets the first hit down. In PvE, it’s not as clutch, but it doesn’t hurt either.

Hunters get the Gemini Jester, which alter’s the dodge class ability to disorient nearby enemies. If you play up close and personal in either PvE or PvP, it’s a decent exotic to consider. Shotgun users in particular will probably like this one. Keep in mind you got to be pretty close though.

Finally, Warlocks get Sanguine Alchemy. This chest piece will enhance your rift class ability to provide radar while aiming down the sights to you and your allies while they are standing in the rift, and nearby majors and ultras become visually marked. It’s a pretty niche exotic, but again, it doesn’t hurt especially if you like playing support. We wouldn’t use it in PvP ever though, except for very specific objective-based scenarios.

Aside from specific exotic equipment, Xur also sells a Fated Engram for a hefty price, but it guarantees you a Year One exotic that you don’t already have. Three of Coins is also for sale, which modifies your Nightfall runs for better score.

That does it for where is Xur in Destiny 2. Next week we’ll be sure to check in once again and see where Xur is then.

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