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5 Features a New Switch Version Needs to be Worth it


5 Features a New Switch Version Needs to be Worth it

It’s been a little over 18 months since the Nintendo Switch launched. In that time, it’s proven itself a worthy contender in the modern console market with top-notch games and design features that make it make it easy to pick up and play at any time.

Like any console though, it has areas where it needs to improve, and with the recent leak that Nintendo is developing a new model of the console, we’ve got five features we’d want to see from a new Nintendo Switch.

5 Features We’d Want From a New Nintendo Switch

Longer Portable Battery Life

One of the coolest features the Nintendo Switch offers is its portable play option. In addition to basic play at home through a television, players can take it on the go and enjoy their games through the built-in screen.

Some titles are even better optimized for play in portable mode, with tighter controls and less lag in bigger titles.

Unfortunately, portable-play comes with a hard limit on how long it can last.

The current model of Nintendo Switch starts with a battery life of roughly three hours, and dies more quickly should players play more demanding titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

In a new model, one of the primary additions should be a more powerful battery that can extend portable-play by at least an hour.

Not only would this allow players to enjoy time on their consoles longer, but it would allow them to see games optimized for the mode at their best for as long as possible.

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