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October 2018 PS Plus Free Games Predictions


October 2018 PS Plus Free Games Predictions


The Big Game

If you subscribe to Sony’s monthly PS Plus program, every month you are gifted with a few free games alongside access to online services. For the most recent month of September, those free games included Destiny 2, God of War III Remastered, Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition, QUBE Director’s Cut, Sparkle 2, and Foul Play.

Although the list for October 2018 has yet to be released, we can take a few guesses as to what free games might be included in the line-up. Usually at least one larger game is a headliner for the list, and for next month, melee-action game For Honor is looking like a very worthy candidate.

Just last month in August 2018, For Honor was offered for free via Microsoft’s Xbox Games with Gold program. It’s not uncommon for a Games with Gold free game to make it to PS Plus at some point, and vice versa. Not to mention For Honor was also offered for free on PC as well back in June when Ubisoft offered free copies of the Starter Edition on its website as long as you downloaded Uplay to access it.

According to video game statistics site GitHyp, For Honor had a huge spike in it’s player-base after it was offered for free on Games with Gold in August, surpassing its initial release month numbers back in February 2017 by going from 31,000 players per hour to 35,000 players per hour. In the 17 months between those two dates, For Honor only had approximately 3,000 players per hour on average.

There is strong evidence that offering the game for free on Xbox caused that spike in the player-base, and at the time of writing that number has already dropped by over half to 15,000 players per hour so far in September. If For Honor is not offered for free next month on PS Plus, expect it sometime soon when Ubisoft is looking for another spike in its player-base.

Next up we speculate what possible indie titles might make it to PS Plus next month in October 2018.

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